Roane County Broadband Report

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  This report was split from Roane County Broadband Report and Prospective Project, revision 6. Provides a summary of broadband service in Roane County, including SuddenLink in parts of Spencer and Reedy, and Lumos in part of Spencer to RCHS. Provides a list internet service providers in Roane County.

Summary of Broadband In Roane County

Broadband:  SuddenLink covers Spencer and Reedy, Lumos Network covers part of Spencer to RCHS.

High-Speed:  Broadband mapping data from 2014 shows high-speed internet service is available in a rough several mile radius around Spencer, and pockets around Reedy, Walton, Newton, and other small areas. These areas are under-served and the remainder of the county is unserved. BEC is required to update this information.

No Growth:  Roane County population is declining, the US Census Bureau reported a -3.4% decrease from 15,446 in 2000 to 14,926 in 2010, and estimates another -4.8% decrease from 2010 to 14,208 in 2015. This shrinking market combined with SuddenLink influence and Frontier’s claim of having met their state-wide coverage goals, and rough terrain, makes further for-profit broadband expansion into currently unserved areas of county unlikely.

Internet Service Providers in Roane County

Source, and service provider websites. Includes non-broadband providers (under 25Mbps) for reference. Mobile-wireless and satellite providers are ignored for the purposes of HB3093 and this report.

SuddenLink Communications: Provides cable coverage to roughly 65% of Spencer, part of Reedy. Offers residential plans of “up to” 50Mbps (250GB/mo cap, 5Mbps up) for $44.99, 200Mbps (no cap, 20Mbps up) for $64.99/mo, 1Gbps (no cap, 50Mbps up) for $99.99 – all plans have a $50 setup fee and $10/mo modem lease. Also offers triple play service. Reported performance in Spencer based on 15 speed tests over the past 2 months is an average download speed of 125.83Mbps, average customer satisfaction rating 50.3% of 6,201 users.

Lumos Networks: Provides DSL coverage to roughly 9.6% of Spencer, and FTTx service to 1%. A map on their website shows a fiber line from Parkersburg down Rt 14, ending at Roane Co High School, with a very small branch down rt36. No details are available for DSL service offerings, there is an anecdotal report they withdrew DSL service. For fiber service, they offer 75Mbps for $59.95 and 150Mbps for $79.95, upload speed is unknown, both are noted as 1-year promo rates but actual price is not listed, may offer triple play service. No data on performance tests. Customer satisfaction rating is 52.1% of 292 users.

Frontier Communications: Provides DSL coverage to roughly 91% of Spencer, 95.5% of Reedy, 82.6% of Walton, not available in Looneyville. Offers residential plans of “up to” 12Mbps for $44.99/mo ($29.99/mo 1yr intro) and 24Mbps for $54.99/mo ($39.99/mo 1yr intro), both are 1Mbps upload. Reported performance in Spencer based on 23 speed tests over past 2 months is an average download speed of 2.49Mbps (20.75% of 12Mbps), average customer satisfaction rating 36.4% of 11,009 users. Is also the primary telephone service provider throughout the county.

King Street Wireless: Provides fixed-wireless 1Mbps to roughly 98% of the Spencer area, no other information available from Their website says they parterned with US Cellular to expand fixed-wireless 4G LTE service and are investing $7M in WV ~ no service plan details.



Contributors:  Lisa Messineo, Matt Erb, Jim Bostic, and encouragement from Roane County Democratic Party.

Legal Note:  Copyright 2017 by Chris Dalzell. Limited license is given to freely distribute this work as-is to Roane County residents. For any & all other usage, questions & comments, please email

Revision History:

  • Origin (05/15/17):  Report on HB3093 to Roane County Democratic Party, and need for county project.
  • Revision 1 (08/12/17):  Split from Roane County Broadband Report and Prospective Project r6.