Roane County Broadband Project Reports

The process of instigating this project produced several public reports, first two important notes:

UPDATES IN PROGRESS:  This text was copied here as-is simply to get it online, quick & dirty, next step is a revision of the whole body of text and restructuring into something more website friendly.

Brainstorming Disclaimer:  Overall process here starts with an idealized vision, throw every idea available at it to see what sticks, build bridges, blaze trails, try for bigger then settle for smaller, and so on. Meanwhile in practice we take small incremental logical steps toward those goals. Ultimately parts of this will not survive contact with reality, but neither will "good ideas" be abandoned simply for lack of funding, just collected for eventual use. Also note this was written by Chris Dalzell, one person, the Broadband Committee, or larger community, may change some or even most of it...

Roane County Broadband Report and Prospective Project:  This 28-page merged document contains three reports and a prospective project (divided into three articles for length).

Roane County Broadband Project Scenarios Report:  This 16-page document is four parts, prospective scenarios, internal project planning, and addednum to the previous document.