Project in planning...

Thank you for visiting our project homepage. This website is a placeholder for something more significant in the coming weeks as our broadband project transitions from the brainstorming to planning phase.

Soon the scope of our project will be defined ~ state pilot project, multi-county non-pilot, or Roane only. Then we will start public discussion with all county residents, gather feedback, and conduct a feasibility study.

Project Goal:  County-wide fiber network providing gigabit fiber broadband (FTTx), at affordable prices, to all county residents, businesses, and institutions. This will be organized as a non-profit cooperative business under the recent WV HB3093 Broadband Enhancement legislation. Note, due to loan insurance restrictions areas with existing wireline broadband (actual measurable 25Mbps down, 3Mbps up) will be delayed until start-up loans are repaid (e.g. service areas of Lumos & SuddenLink).

Feedback Needed:  Send your stories to Such as your broadband needs, current service details, status of service in your area, any hardships suffered from poor/no service, horror stories with your service providers, what you could do with high quality fast broadband, and anything else you feel like sharing that is broadband related in Roane County WV. You can also note landline phone service needs or horror stories (good broadband supports VoIP phone service). Note, all non-spam mail will be read, sorted, and kept for future use, but you may not receive a reply. Legal note, by emailing us you grant us permission & license to share and publish your message as necessary for the benefit of this project. Please don't send anything you wouldn't say in a public meeting.

Volunteer:  We will begin accepting volunteers in the coming months, if you are interested in helping please email

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Please check back a couple times a month for updates.